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Dedicated to making reliable health-tech

Mission Statement

At ViroTemp, we see how the world is changing, and wellness is our top priority. We sell quality wellness-related devices that have been innovated for accuracy and non-invasiveness. But we do much more than that. All our products come with the assurance that they have been manufactured in safe, fair-trade conditions free of child labor.


Our Commitment to Customer Service

Online purchasing is becoming more of a necessity than a choice. However, like you, we noticed that the online shopping experience could be clunky and slow. Worse than that, following-up with questions about an order often results in responses thin on excellent customer service.


That's why beyond putting our years of product development experience into making great products like our trending thermometer gun, we have created a top-shelf shopping and customer service experience.


Simply stated, we want our customers to have the best of everything—trustworthy devices that work when you need them and deliver reliable measurements. We are different from other brands. Your satisfaction and lasting positive impression of Virotemp is our purpose and always will be.


Our high-marks say it all! Check-out our customer reviews.


If you have any questions or need help with an order, please visit our Contact Us page. Thank you from all of us here at ViroTemp!

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