Adapting ourselves to live with Covid-19

Covid-19 pandemic has almost turned the world upside down. In fact, this has happened all of a sudden. The consequences of this pandemic have “paralyzed” the general routine works of humans. Covid-19 Virus has brought in various novel ways along with it, and in fact, that was hardly known to humans previously, rather neglected by them.

With that said, there will definitely be a pre and post Covid-19 era in reality. However, the question is that will humans become novel because of Covid-19?

Adapting ourselves to Covid-19 outbreak – what precautions you must take
  • Make sure to be hygienic all the time, regardless of the venue and cost it takes. It is imperative to maintain your personal hygiene.
  • Make sure that you wear a recommended face mask whenever you move out.
  • Wash your hands frequently or use hand sanitizer specifically if you have to be in the public.
  • You must consider any person you meet outside as a transmitter of the virus. So, maintain the distance, avoid physically contacting them, and never share any physical item with each other.
  • Don’t touch your nose, eyes, mouth, or face when you are in the public.
  • Keep a handheld thermometer at home and measure the temperature of each family member if they complain about any discomfort. Also, it is better to check the temperature of the body on a daily basis.
  • Make sure that you keep a small hand sanitizer in your pocket. Clean your hands with it after touching any object in public (such as door handles, ATM keypads, railings, windows, tables, counters, and even cash).
  • Never handshake with others when greeting. Just nod your head or use a verbal greeting and that would be good enough.
  • Always consume worm food and drinks especially if you eat outside.
  • Always stay at least three feet away from other individuals.
  • Try your best to avoid crowded places even if you are wearing a mask.
  • When you reach your home or workplace, be sure to clean your hands and feet. Also, remove your shoes or slippers that were worn outside before entering the house. Then, get a bath immediately after reaching home.
  • Take food that is rich in protein and that will boost your resistance. Also, it will boost your immunity.
  • Engage in physical exercises on a regular basis as it helps to increase body metabolism.
  • Make sure that you be in touch with a physician if you ever feel anything wrong with the body. Don’t try self-medication until it gets too late.

In addition to that, when it comes to workplaces, it is compulsory to maintain a strict set of rules for employees and assure the safety of everybody. One of which is to have someone to measure the body temperature of each employee before entering the workplace. A dedicated person with a hand-held thermometer must be there at the doorstep to do it.